Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Switch
Fecha de salida:
07 de Diciembre, 2018
Game Over:
20 de Enero, 2019

Play Time: 40:48:27




Power-On Count59Smash Bros. Powered Time Count195:44
Play Time 11:30Battles Fought1721
Offline Battles Fought698Local Wireless Battles Fought16
Time Battles Fought10Stock Battles Fought1709
Stamina Battles Fought2 Battles Fought with 5 or more22
Battles Fought with 8 people0Vs. Play Contestants3605
Battles Cut Short21Total Damage:942,448
Obtained Gold776,749Gold Spent772,410
Obtained SP383,861
Smash Play Time32:59Collective Smash Play Time85:38
Standard Smash Battles Fought 615Squad Strike Battles Fought1
Custom Smash Battles Fought1Super Sudden Death Battles Fought1
Smashdown Battles Fought10Tourney Battles Fought5
Spirits Owned1068Spirits Obtained1278
Spirits Summoned91Spirits Dismissed532
Spirits Enhanced56Enhanced Spirit Types54
Lv. 99 Spirits283Adventure Wins700
Times Adventure Completed1Styles Mastered in Dojo5
Time Spent Trainig at the Gym9173:27Spirit Exploration Time132:00
Spirit Board Battles Won221
Classic Mode Clears15Highest Classic Mode Intensity Cleared9.9
Bonus Game High Score136,440Credits High Score1,729,200
Century Smash High Score2:19:95All-Star Smash High ScoreDefeated 37
Cruel Smash High ScoreDefeated 4Mii Fighters Customized3
Stages Created0
Snapshots Taken4Replays Recorded7
Videos Created6Smash Tags Claimed348
Online Play Time48:53Solo Quickplay Battles867
Solo Quickplay Wins478[Online] Highest GSP4,434,717
[Online] Highest Total GSP4,211,435Co-op Quickplay Battles0
Co-op Quickplay Wins0Elite Quickplay Battles20
Elite Quickplay Wins7Arena Battles120
Most-Played StageBattlefieldMost-Used Primary SpiritCaeda
Most-Used Support SpiritRavioStage Songs Collected814
Mii Fighter Headger Collected80Mii Fighter Outfit Collected97


06/12/2018Started playing SSB Ultimate!06/12/2018Ness joined the battle!
06/12/2018Zelda joined the battle!06/12/2018Pit joined the battle!
06/12/2018You’ve fought 10 battles!06/12/2018Inkling joined the battle!
07/12/2018Played Adventure for the first time!07/12/2018Villager joined the battle!
07/12/2018Marth joined the battle!07/12/2018Young Link joined the battle!
07/12/2018Wii Fit Trainer joined the battle!07/12/2018Claimed your first smash tag!
07/12/2018Sheik joined the battle!07/12/2018Peach joined the battle!
07/12/2018Ryu joined the battle!07/12/2018You’ve fought 50 battles!
07/12/2018King K. Rool joined the battle!07/12/2018Sonic joined the battle!
07/12/2018Simon joined the battle!07/12/2018Zero Suit Samus joined the battle!
07/12/2018Little Mac joined the battle!07/12/2018Shulk joined the battle!
07/12/2018Lucina joined the battle!07/12/2018Wario joined the battle!
07/12/2018Ridley joined the battle!07/12/2018Pokémon Trainer joined the battle!
07/12/2018Daisy joined the battle!07/12/2018Roy joined the battle!
07/12/2018You’ve fought 100 battles!07/12/2018R.O.B. joined the battle!
07/12/2018Falco joined the battle!08/12/2018Luigi joined the battle!
08/12/2018Pichu joined the battle!08/12/2018Richter joined the battle!
08/12/2018Diddy Kong joined the battle!08/12/2018Meta Knight joined the battle!
08/12/2018Ganondorf joined the battle!08/12/2018Corrin joined the battle!
08/12/2018Rosalina & Luma joined the battle!08/12/2018Incineroar joined the battle!
08/12/2018Pac-Man joined the battle!08/12/2018Dark Samus joined the battle!
08/12/2018Wolf joined the battle!08/12/2018Mr. Game & Watch joined the battle!
08/12/2018Robin joined the battle!08/12/2018Duck Hunt joined the battle!
08/12/2018Ken joined the battle!08/12/2018You’ve fought 200 battles!
08/12/2018Greninja joined the battle!08/12/2018Chrom joined the battle!
08/12/2018Bowser Jr. joined the battle!08/12/2018Dr. Mario joined the battle!
08/12/2018Palutena joined the battle!09/12/2018Bowser joined the battle!
09/12/2018Captain Falcon joined the battle!09/12/2018Ike joined the battle!
09/12/2018Snake joined the battle!09/12/2018Mega Man joined the battle!
09/12/2018Bayonetta joined the battle!09/12/2018Toon Link joined the battle!
09/12/2018Olimar joined the battle!09/12/2018Dark Pit joined the battle!
09/12/2018Ice Climbers joined the battle!09/12/2018Lucario joined the battle!
09/12/2018Isabelle joined the battle!09/12/2018Cleared Classic Mode for the first time!
09/12/2018Jigglypuff joined the battle!09/12/2018Mewtwo joined the battle!
09/12/2018King Dedede joined the battle!09/12/2018You’ve fought 300 battles!
09/12/2018KO’d an opponent in All-Star Smash!09/12/2018Lucas joined the battle!
09/12/2018Cloud joined the battle!09/12/2018All fighters now available!
Let the true battle begin!
13/12/2018Enhanced a spirit for the first time!14/12/2018Defeat a target on the Spirit Board
for the first time!
18/12/2018Added 100 or more spirits to the list!20/12/2018You’ve completed a page in Challenges!
23/12/2018Added 200 or more spirits to the list!01/01/2019You’ve fought 500 battles!
03/01/2019You’ve completed 50 panels
in Challenges!
06/01/2019Added 300 or more spirits to the list!
11/01/2019Added 400 or more spirits to the list!13/01/2019Added 500 or more spirits to the list!
16/01/2019Added 600 or more spirits to the list!19/01/2019Defeated Galeem and Dharkon
at the same time!
19/01/2019Cleared Adventure for the first time!20/01/2019Added 700 or more spirits to the list!
20/01/2019Obtained a Legend spirit from the
Spirit Board for the first time!
20/01/2019Awakened all the fighters in Adventure!
20/01/2019Cleared all the battles on the map!22/01/2019Summoned a spirit for the first time!
24/01/2019Summoned a Legend spirit
for the first time!
25/01/2019Cleared Classic Mode
at the max intensity of 9.9
26/01/2019Added 800 or more spirits to the list!29/01/2019Piranha Plant joined the battle!
30/01/2019You’ve fought 700 battles!02/02/2019Claimed 100 smash tags!
02/02/2019Added 900 or more spirits to the list!07/02/2019You’ve fought 1000 battles!
Go, you!
09/02/2019Added 1000 or more spirits to the list!15/02/2019Took part in an Elite Smash
for the first time!
20/02/2019Won Century Smash for the first time!20/02/2019You’ve completed
100 panels in Challenge!
20/02/2019KO’d an opponent in Cruel Smash
for the first time!
18/04/2019Joker joined the battle!

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