Pokémon Picross (eShop)

~ Pokémon Picross ~

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo / The Pokémon Company
Fecha de salida:
03 de Diciembre, 2015
Game Over:
17 de Julio, 2016



Standard Mode:


Mural Picross:

First Step First Journey New Traveler
Super Traveler Hyper Traveler Master Traveler
Hall of Fame First Friend Novice Trainer
Intermediate Trainer Super Trainer Hyper Trainer
Master Trainer First Trial PoT: Just Started
PoT: Finally Halfway PoT: Almost There Ruler of the PoT
Alt-World Unlocked 1st Challenge in A-W A-W: Endless Road
A-W: Second Half A-W: Final Push Ruler of Alt-World
FC: Four Friends FC: Three Friends FC: Two Friends
FC: One Friend FC: Solo New Power
1st Mega Evolution Novice M-E Trainer Interm. M-E Trainer
Super M-E Trainer Hyper M-E Trainer Master M-E Trainer
Code Breaker Encounter of the Unknown Novice Myth PKT
Interm. Myth PKT Super Myth PKT Hyper Myth PKT
Master Myth PKT Training Master Above and Beyond
Blue-Force Master Auto-Fix X Master Auto-Fix Master
Hyper-Scan Master Slow-Time Master Freeze-Time Master
Rising-Reveal Master Slash-Reveal Master Cross-Reveal Master
Square-Reveal Master Diamond-Reveal Master Scatter-Reveal Master
Filled-Square Fan Filled Square Ace Filled-Square Leader
Filled-Square Champion Filled-Square Legend Stylus-Control Spc.
Button-Control Spc. First Step to Primal Beginning and End
Embodiment of the Land Embodiment of the Sea Apprentice Painter
Dilligent Painter Prolific Painter Master Painter
Photographer New Manager Charismatic Executive
Pokemon Picross Master Unlucky First Partners
Eevee Enthusiast Ceaseless Bonds Mod. Encounters
Electrifying Cuteness False Love Clash in the Atmosphere
Fairy Bonds Powerhouse Time Traveler
Versatility Purrfect Helpers Glee Club
Pikachu Fan Club First Tall Grass Strange Road Trip
Flower Explosion Monochrome Pokemon Pearl and Oink
Brainiacs Going Bananas Foxy Faction
Wild Fight Abnormal Weather Perfect Medalist

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