Azure Striker Gunvolt (eShop)

3DS - Gunvolt

~ Azure Striker Gunvolt ~

Nintendo 3DS
Inti Creates
Fecha de salida:
29 de Agosto, 2014
Game Over:
07 de Febrero, 2016




Lv: 74
Credit: 9,845 Vig
Total Time: 20:01:22


1st Sumeragi High Score Subaquatic Base High Score
Flash of Azure 00346656 Subaquatic Sprint 00290533
Bolt from the Blue Best Time Euphotic Euphoria Best Time
All Business 03:17:40 Trench Fighter 04:43:26
Employee of the Week Rank Power Plunge Rank
Scot-Free S Aphotic Apotheosis S
No Shutter Stutter Early Bird
Preying on a Mantis Above the Brine
Too Lovely to Touch


Media Tower High Score Biochem Plant High Score
Aerial Daredevil 00175499 Blaster Faster 00106927
Light Speed Ascent Best Time Wildfire Best Time
Bane of Icarus 03:57:30 No sweat 04:49:93
Steal Back the Sun Rank Burning Ninja Rank
Media Blackout A Big, Big Bag A
Waste Not Launch Not Crate Hate
Angel of Mercy Itsy Bitsy Takedown
Datastore High Score Stratacombs High Score
Quick Format 0096409 Ghostblaster 00161488
Degaussian Blur Best Time Flyer in the Hole Best Time
Snipe ‘n’ Wipe 04:22:26 Deincarnated 04:48:13
Degaussian Blur Rank Spark in the Dark Rank
Brute Force Method A Supernatural A
Cyber Ace Two Broken Hearts
Mine Over Matter Rainbow Connection
Cannon Buster
Pharma Lab High Score Sinner’s Row High Score
Pharmabeautiful 00111240 Sleazy Breezy 00213699
Express Exterminator Best Time Quick ‘n’ Dirty Best Time
Green Thumb 04:53:16 Upside Downfall 04:03:80
Pesticidal Urges Rank Hardrocker Rank
Plucking Rad A Last Man Standing S
Petal to the Mettle
Bug Zapper


Urban Run High Score Eridu High Score
Use Xyr Illusion 00034194 Taken by Storm 00176409
Look Ma! Best Time Faster than Creation Best Time
Street Smart 00:19:16 Lighting Loves Rain 04:33:06
Supersonic Scion Rank Faster than Creation Rank
Odd Mantis Out S Cloudward Bound A
Tank Toppler Unmaker of Myths
Azure Impulse Destroy them All
Prevengance Subtle Subversion


Babel High Score Firmament High Score
Return to Sender 00214166 Race to Heaven 00087802
Fast Rites Best Time Swift Salvation Best Time
Revenant Hunt 06:29:23 Lighting Rises 04:18:06
Aerial Daredevil Rank No Room for Gods Rank
Nature’s Enforcer A Maybe Room for One B
Ascending Warlord Forbearance


Special Mission 1 Special Mission 2
High Score Best Time High Score Best Time
00070904 08:59:53 00007113 15:07:36
Rank B Rank C
Special Mission 3 Special Mission 4
High Score Best Time High Score Best Time
00070904 10:46:60 00007113 15:07:36
Rank B Rank C


Glory Seeker Azure Striker Legend in the Making
Field Training 1 Field Training 2 Field Training 3
The Reckless Path Traditional Warrior


Reviberoptic Atunned Optic Vigor Lens
Dilation Reticle Dynamo Eye Naga Sight
Ceberus Sight Arrester Lens Osmotic Eye+
Midas Optic+ Recharge Lens+ Cooldown Lens+
Flash Focus+


Quill Signet Duple Boost Band Triple Boost Band
Boost Band+ Skytether Band+ Traction Ring+
Duple Traction Ring+


Handmade Necklace Prevasion Chain Geist Locket
Barrier Locket Lethal Lavaliere Shield Medallion+
Overflash Pendant+ Chargeguard Pend.+ Broken Necklace


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